Dr. Heather Shuey graduated from Kansas State Veterinary School in 1999 and has been practicing in the Kansas City area ever since.

She has held the position of assistant Veterinarian in several practices and was medical director at one clinic.  She realized her dream in 2017 when she purchased a mobile clinic from LaBoit, the company who customizes the E-450 Ford trucks into mobile clinics personalized to the veterinarian’s requirements.  She now can go to the home of the client and do well/sick exams; administer vaccines; do complete dental care including cleaning, scraping, and pulling of teeth; minor surgery such as neuter/spay procedures and mass removals; laser therapy; and in-home euthanasia.  She calls it “bringing the Vet to the pet”.

Dr. Shuey has also been a member of the Army Reserves since graduating from high school.  She moved up in ranks from being enlisted handling blood draws at the Army Induction Center to becoming an officer after graduation from college.  She now works with and leads other medical professionals in units devoted to veterinary care and food inspection.  She has deployed three times, twice to Afghanistan and once to Kuwait.  She also served aboard the Iwo Jima on its four-month mercy mission in the Caribbean inoculating cattle and caring for pets of all kinds in areas of Central and upper South America that normally do not see doctors.

Dr. Shuey feels it is important to keep up with the new developments in medicine so she routinely attends continuing education classes devoted to the care of animals.  She is a caring, loving person who tries to make pet owners and the pets themselves feel comfortable while she is working to make their lives better.